Poetry Rivals 2016

Taking poetry from the page to the stage!

2011 Winners

Over 18s Prizes
1st Prize - £1,000

Under 18s Prizes
1st Prize - laptop.

Under 18 Winners

Under 14 Winner

Ellie Fisher
After much deliberation all judges agreed Ellie Fisher, aged 11, should be crowned the under 14s champion for her well structured poem 'The Writer's Meditation'.

READ 'The Writer's Meditation'.

15 and Over Winner

Megan Beech
Megan Beech, aged 18, with an energetic and passionate depiction of Glastonbury festival in her poem 'Glastonbury'

read 'Glastonbury'

Over 18 Winner

Vanessa Kisuule
Vanessa Kisuule was announced as the winner after giving an accomplished and touching performance of her wistful poem 'Jjajja'. This year the slam champion won £1000.

read 'Jjajja'