Poetry Rivals 2016

Taking poetry from the page to the stage!

2012 Over 18s Finalists

Poem Retrospective Bullies
Writer: Eileen Caiger Gray
Location: South Yorkshire
Poem Untitled
Writer: Irene Hazel
Location: West Sussex
Poem The Causes Of The Primal Scream
Writer: David Lankshear
Location: Essex
Poem Broken Umbrellas
Writer: Paul Andrew Jones
Location: Devon
Poem Welcome To My Word Collection
Writer: William Greig
Location: Bedfordshire
Poem Feeling My Age
Writer: Elizabeth Parish
Location: Manchester
Poem Wraps Off, Rap On
Writer: David Robinson
Location: Derbyshire
Poem Take Five
Writer: Matthew Lee
Location: Buckinghamshire
Poem Life For Me 2012. . .
Writer: Doris Pullen
Location: London
Poem Tiger Lady (Looking For Some Serious Fun)
Writer: Nigel Astell
Location: Cheshire
Poem Neddy
Writer: Olive Woodhouse
Location: Mid Glamorgan
Poem The Red Kite – (The Spirit Of The Goddess Isis)
Writer: Corinda Daw
Location: Essex
Poem First Love
Writer: Bazil Figura
Location: Norfolk
Poem Smoke Tree
Writer: Lorna Troop
Location: Middlesex
Poem I Am Leopard
Writer: Nicola Wood
Location: West Sussex
Poem The Haunting
Writer: Kevin McMahon
Location: Merseyside
Poem Thank You Girls
Writer: Jackie Richardson
Location: Cumbria
Poem We're Asian
Writer: Roszeen Afsar
Location: Tyne and Wear
Poem The Old Coach Inn
Writer: Hazel Dennison
Location: Suffolk
Poem Trouble And Strife
Writer: Katy Osborne
Location: Liverpool
Poem The Kiss
Writer: Gerry Miller
Location: County Down
Poem Swan
Writer: Helen Kay
Location: Cheshire
Poem They Never Told Us . . .
Writer: Sh'maya
Location: London
Poem Questions And Answers
Writer: Lorraine Griffiths
Location: Lancashire
Poem The Dragon Who Hates Poetry
Writer: Dominic Berry
Location: Manchester
Poem Tales Of Debauchery
Writer: Philip Nind
Location: Lincolnshire
Poem A Day That Doesn't Bring You
Writer: Carl Strohmeier
Location: Avon
Poem Moody Trudy
Writer: Thomas McDougall
Location: Hertfordshire
Poem Bunting
Writer: Natalie Rogers
Location: East Sussex
Poem Decaying Skin
Writer: Anne-Marie Large
Location: Somerset
Poem Rock Star Too
Writer: David Lodo
Location: Herefordshire
Poem ‘Foosh’
Writer: Sarah Hand
Location: London
Poem A Ghost Of A Smile
Writer: Patricia Pulman
Location: Manchester
Poem Just A Suit
Writer: Oliver Sayers
Location: Hertfordshire
Poem Sinnner's Hope
Writer: Philip Richards
Location: Liverpool
Poem The Housewive's Lament
Writer: Dorothy Rawnsley
Location: Lancashire
Poem Shelter
Writer: Gustavo Arevalo Rendall
Location: Italy
Poem Grandpa
Writer: Sarah Aitchison
Location: Hampshire
Poem Ashes
Writer: Erin Fitzgerald
Location: Liverpool
Poem Kakorrhaphiophobia
Writer: Jessie Durrant
Location: Cambridgeshire
Poem Dutch Courage
Writer: Thomas Rolls
Location: Gloucestershire
Poem Animal Hospital
Writer: Wayne Leaf
Location: North Yorkshire
Poem Apologies To AA Milne
Writer: Em Fleming
Location: London
Poem Elephants Never Forget!
Writer: Evelyn Elliott-Clement
Location: Surrey
Poem Up
Writer: Anthony Walter Hofler
Location: West Midlands
Poem Confession Of A Single Man/Online Dating
Writer: Robin Martin-Oliver
Location: Oxfordshire
Poem A True Valentine Rhyme
Writer: Tracey Watson
Location: Cumbria
Poem Ghost
Writer: O Keens-Soper
Location: Leicestershire
Poem Coral Lover
Writer: Victoria Cole
Location: Devon
Poem Journey To Who I Am
Writer: Tolu Agbelusi
Location: London