Poetry Rivals 2016

Taking poetry from the page to the stage!

Slam Champion 2014

After a fantastic final we are pleased to announce that the Poetry Rivals 2014 Slam Champion is Jim Clarkson from Crewe with his wonderful poem 'Things To Come'. Jim has won a book publishing package worth £1,999 with Spiderwize.com!

Read Jim's Poem 'Things To Come'

'I was looking forward to hearing the winner announced and then was utterly gobsmacked to hear my name read out... I was thrilled obviously, but also very surprised - I thought there were so many brilliant poets in the room that I was lucky to be sat in there!'- Jim Clarkson, Poetry Rivals Slam Champion 2014

Congratulations to our three highly commended finalists who have each won a free entry into Poetry Rivals 2015!

Robert Awosusi – Anger Management
Tom Kwei – Third Person
Poppy Kleiser - The Optimist

'It was very hard to pick a winner but in the end we chose Jim because all three of us had marked it out as a poem that was full of surprise, vivid imagery and conveyed a world that was simultaneously unsettling and beguiling - repelling you even as it drew you in. Coupled with a clear, confident yet understated delivery, Jim's poem really stood up and made us take notice.' - Ben Mellor

'For me he stood out, straight away, for his use of language - for his confidence in using unusual imagery and juxtaposition to place the listener/ reader straight into the moment being described. That all-too-brief, in media res moment was somehow sparse, yet lush at the same time. It was like coming in at the beginning of a noirish novel, or film shot in grainy, grey and sepia tones - I really wanted to know what happened next!' - Fay Roberts