Poetry Rivals 2016

Taking poetry from the page to the stage!

Money God

The kingdom, the power, the glory is mine,
Forever, whenever, the passing of time,
The woven-knit clothing, the shirt on your back
It’s mine for the taking, I’m taking it back.

The song in your heart and the spring in your step
And your satellite dish and your video set
And the food in your fridge and the drugs in your veins:
Kneel down to your master, you’ll get them again.

For I am the Money God, by my will you live
Food, shelter, clothing, mine only to give.
For mine is the kingdom and mine is the crown -
You’re mine for the taking, I’m taking you now.

I want a sacrifice.
I want you heart and soul and brain.
Can’t you feel me
In blood and bone and vein?
Kneel before me
Your petty life at my command.
Adore me,
Loving me’s not hard.

I’m your faith, your hope, your sanity,
Your collar and your chain.
The spade that lays your ghosts to rest
Then digs them up again.
The hand that steals from children’s mouths
The food you bled to buy.
The law that tells you how to live
But gives no reason why.

For I am the Money God and my word is law.
I’m what you’re living, dying, crying, lying, fighting for.
I’m the one that breaks the spirit, burns the bridges, digs the grave,
Turns the key that ties the blindfold and grants madness to the sane.

For I am the Money God, your master, your Lord,
The hawk that’s a handsaw, the flower that’s a sword.
The Pandora’s box that unlocks your despair.
The foot ’neath the noose after kicking the chair.


The cancer, the virus that tears you apart,
The blight on your conscience, the stain on your heart,
The abandoned subversion, the relics of will,
The blood and bones on the butterfly wheel.

For I am the Money God, immortal, divine,
No nation’s foundation is greater than mine.
No heart has the power not to rise to my call
For greed is my army, and greed conquers all.

O worthless and weak with your empires of sand
On the granite of want does my empire stand,
On the song of the soldier, the banker, the whore:
I’ll give you my life if you give me some more.

For I am the road that you’ll walk ’til you die,
’Til the worms are your bedfellows, the sodden earth your sky,
’Til your soul is set free and you cast off your chains
And a blanket of daisies is all that remains.

But I am the Money God, untouched by it all.
My empire grows with each child that is born.
My kingdom is boundless, my reign without end.
Forever. And ever. And ever. Amen.

Andrew Barber