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Free Entry Into Poetry Rivals When You Refer a Friend

Date Posted: 26-08-2014 11:32:35

A big thank you to all the poets who have entered Poetry Rivals 2014 so far!


We thought you might like to know about our referral offer which can more than double your chance of winning …


Once you have entered, if you refer us to a friend who then enters Poetry Rivals 2014, we’ll give you the opportunity to submit a further poem for free – you can refer as many friends as you want!


Simply email this link - http://www.poetryrivals.com/enter-competition.php - to any poets who may find this of interest. When they upload their work they will be asked how they heard about us and they will need to select ‘Referred by a Friend’ and then provide your name and email address. We’ll then email you and invite you to submit a free entry. It’s that easy!


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Date Commented: 08/09/2014

That's cool cos then you can split the cost fiver each. I already sent mine in tho but maybe will send another one.