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Mixy's Top Performance Tips

Date Posted: 30-09-2014 09:30:39

Mixy has joined the 2014 judging panel alongside Mark Grist, Fay Roberts and Vanessa Kisuule. Mixy has given us his top performance tips to pass on to you...


It's always great to see an original piece of work. An audience is always more likely to remember a piece about yoghurts more than a piece about politics.


As well as a well written piece (that goes without saying) it's always refreshing when the performer takes the time to memorise the poem and deliver it comfortably without paper in hand.


There's always been a range of styles in every poetry competition I've judged, some funny some serious which is all good. Some people worry about reading something serious when following a range of poets who lean more towards comedy (myself included) but there's really no need. If the performer has the confidence in what they're doing, it shows and is impressive in itself.

My advice to anyone entering is as generic as it comes - believe in yourself. You're here for a reason. Relax, enjoy it and do your thing.

Good luck!

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