Poetry Rivals 2016

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Carmina Masoliver Tells Us About Her Win!

Date Posted: 09-10-2014 10:47:36

"I was blown away by the talent at Poetry Rivals 2013 and though I was keen to win, it was really surreal when my name was read out. At the older end of the age spectrum, I had competed about four years prior to this and so this time I was pretty determined to win. After a lot of practice and nerves, which fuelled my performance, I was extremely happy to win, and the prizes have so far been amazing. I urge the other young writers I saw that day to keep writing and performing, and come back again - I could definitely see some winners in there with a beautiful use of language, and a real passion and emotional conviction."


Carmina Masoliver, Poetry Rivals' 16-25 Slam Champion 2013

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