Poetry Rivals 2016

Taking poetry from the page to the stage!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is there an entry fee?

A. Previously, we produced several poetry anthologies featuring selected work. These collections helped fund the finalist event, enabling us to run Poetry Rivals for free. This year, only the Top 100 finalists will be published and Top 30 invited to the slam, making Poetry Rivals a far more prestigious competition. In previous years, we have had to charge for copies of the anthology – now, all Top 100 poets on the longlist will receive five copies free of charge. Unfortunately, these changes mean that we can no longer feasibly run the competition for free, but the entry fee does mean that we can focus much more on the quality of the entries rather than the quantity. This allows us to remain a credible competition.

Q. How can I pay my entry fee?

A. You can pay by PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, cheque or postal order. Please do not send money in the post as we cannot be held responsible if this is lost or stolen.

Q. I live overseas, can I still enter?

A. You are welcome to enter even if you live outside the UK and you will still receive your five free copies of the book if you are chosen for the longlist. However, please bear in mind that the slam final will be held in the UK and you will not be eligible for the prize if you do not attend the slam final, which you will need to attend at your own expense.

Q. Can I enter more than one poem?

A. Only one poem per person, please, in any format! Please ensure you have read the rules and T&Cs before you enter your work, as by entering your work you are accepting these.

Q. I have changed my mind about the poem I entered and would like to enter a different one. Do I have to pay again?

A. We will only accept one entry per person, so please do not send your entry fee more than once. Make sure you are happy with your decision as the editorial team will usually only be able to accept your original entry.

Q. When will I know if I am a successful finalist?

A. Our editorial team reads every entry and this can be quite time-consuming. However, we aim to inform all finalists by letter on or before the end of February 2017. We will not write to you unless you are chosen as a finalist. We will also publish the longlist finalists here on the website.

Q. When and where will the slam final be?

A. The slam final will be held in 2017. Full details will be provided to the Top 30 finalists.

Q. What if I can't make the final?

A. Unfortunately, you forfeit your chance of winning. The Top 30 finalists must attend the slam to be considered for the prize. It's a fantastic event and well worth attending.

Q. Do you provide any expenses for the finalists?

A. Finalists don't have to pay to attend the final as we provide a complimentary ticket. Travel, accommodation and refreshment expenses are the responsibility of each finalist.

Q. What qualities would make my work suitable for a finalist place?

A. Please see our blog post ‘What Our Editors Look For’ to give you an insight on what our editorial team look for. We'll also provide some guidance from our judges in the near future!

Q. I've never been on a stage before, will I be at a disadvantage?

A. No, you will find that many other finalists are in the same situation. Our host, Mark Grist, will ensure you feel at ease and that the microphone is positioned correctly. The judges are aware that this may be your first time on stage and will take that into consideration when judging your piece.

Q. What will happen to my poem if I am not selected as one of the top 30 finalists?

A. Your poem cannot be returned to you and will be destroyed via our confidential waste company, Data Shred Area. Only the Top 100 will be notified in writing, but we will announce both the long and short listed finalists on our website too.

Q. What do I get out of having my work published in the Top 100 edition?

A. Apart from the satisfaction in your achievement of being one of the Top 100, you'll also receive five free copies of the anthology! The Top 30 shortlisted finalists will be invited to attend the slam final, where they could win the fantastic pamphlet publishing contract!