Poetry Rivals 2016

Taking poetry from the page to the stage!

A Bad Back Sky

There was lemonade in my veins
And there was something in my heart
Oh Jesus, joy, and Job Centre
There was love inside this gormless drunk
Sometimes the sparrows dance, and the trees grin
At your chow-mein breath and out-the-shower smell
You kissed me with a collapsible kindness
(Even the leaves loved you)
But it’s like watching music with the sound off
Your wit has been dunked in sarcasm and gin
(And your tired eyes are beautiful)
Now my hope needs methadone and flowers
It’s the cold cup of tea luck
While I’m snookered up a wicket
The sun always rises and ‘Bargain Hunt’ is on
So I’ll sneeze this flipping heart out.

James Colbourne