Poetry Rivals 2016

Taking poetry from the page to the stage!

The Career Advisor

When I speak with the careers advisor
She asks: ‘What does the future hold for you?’
But all my plans start with ‘When I get rich’
And if that’s not the case then I’m utterly screwed
She asks about sixth form and more education
But the future just seems to be cursed condemnation
I’m not going to fit in civilian suits
Unless I spend years in an institute
And a less stressful future it’s like I’ve been robbed,
Since some don’t think art is a good proper job
‘You can’t be an actress, it’s not realistic’
And when I’m grown up I’ll be just a statistic
Of people who stupidly wanted to act
When it isn’t a job, it’s a scam, that’s a fact!
‘Women only go to college to meet husbands for later.’
Wow thank mate, what knowledge, what a damned revelation!
You’re right, found us out; there’s no university
No woman goes to college to get their degree!
The truth is that adult life seems far too tough . . .
It’s all about mortgage and earning enough
And that just sounds boring, I’ll chant from the rooftops
‘It’s boring, boring, boring . . .’
There are taxes and faxes and no one relaxes
It’s a deadly disease everybody contracted
Suddenly eighteen with responsibilities
You cannot go back and there’s not a vaccine
To think of the future just makes me erupt
But somewhere and sometime I will have to grow up . . .

Lydia Rosemary Venetia Byron (15)