Poetry Rivals 2016

Taking poetry from the page to the stage!

My Place

I know it well, this place.
It's a safe place.
A private place.
A place to hide.
A place to play.
A place to form and fix things.
I can hold my dad's hand.
See his brown eyes.
Say the things I thought here but didn't say.
I can smell my newborn baby.
Hold a tiny foot in my hand.
Dance to the Smiths in a more eloquent way than I really did.
Or can.
Or would.
Wear pink eyeshadow.
Wear lace party tights.
Make a daisy chain under a tree long gone.
Cloud watch under a tree long gone.
Hold hands under a tree long gone.
Watch Tom and Jerry with new eyes.
Swim in the Indian Ocean.
Throw a sycamore seed.
Smell the soil after rain.
Watch a spider make a web.
Weave my future.
Their future.
Our future.
Gran's soup with barley.
The Beatles on the colour TV
Strawberry lip gloss.
My first kiss.
My last kiss.
My next kiss
An imagined day.
A lost day.
A hoped for day.
Have that conversation I should have had.
Have that conversation I didn't want.
Have that conversation with you.
Too much worry.
Insurmountable 4am problems.
What would I do if?
What would happen if?
Are they hurting?
Are they right?
Can I help?
Can I say?
Should I go?
Should I wait?
Will I manage?
Will I do?
It's always there.
No switch.
It's mine.
Different to yours and theirs.
His and hers.
It has no end that I can see.
Stores things I can't let go.
Stores things I can't recall.
Stores things I don't want.
Or need.
But makes me, me!
The girl who wonders and wanders.
And sews its new seeds.

Audrey Biscotti