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Poetry Rivals 18+ Privacy Policy

Who is the data controller?

Poetry Rivals is part of Bonacia Ltd, who is the data controller. Bonacia Ltd (including Poetry Rivals) are based at Remus House, Coltsfoot Drive, Peterborough PE2 9BF, UK.

We respect your privacy. Any information that you give to us is held with the utmost care and security.

Your personal data is protected in the United Kingdom by the Data Protection Act. If we are holding any information about you, the information should be kept up to date, and not retained for longer than is necessary. You have the right to see what is held about you and correct any inaccuracies. In addition to these legal rights, we will immediately remove any information about you from our systems that you are not happy for us to store.

What information do you collect?

  • Name
  • Pen Name (Optional)
  • Address
  • Email (Optional)

Why do you need my information and how is it used?

We request a contact address at the time of entering Poetry Rivals 18+ Competition. This is because we write to entrants:

  • To let them know that their work has been chosen for publication


  • To let them know that their work has not been chosen for publication and why

If work has been selected for publication we will also use your information to:

  • Email book progress information about the book that you feature in
  • Re-send any letters, as requested
  • Email transactional information such as order confirmation and order despatch notices
  • Deliver an order or orders (Credit / Debit card details are not stored.)
  • Notify you if you have been selected as a slam finalist (if applicable)
  • Send a prize (if applicable)
  • Email sales or offers on Poetry Rivals books
  • Email a feedback survey on the product(s) and service

If no email address is provided, or if you’ve opted out, any information emailed will not be sent in any other way, e.g. posting letters to: update you on the book’s progress, sales or offers or feedback surveys.

We will write to you at the address you provide at the time of entering. Your name, address and email are never passed to third parties. From time to time other Bonacia brands may contact you with products or competitions that may be of interest. You can opt out any other Bonacia brands marketing to you.

How do you collect this information?

When entering Poetry Rivals 18+ this information is requested:

  • Name
  • Pen Name (Optional)
  • Address
  • Email

This information can be provided on a paper entry form, sent by email or when uploading the work at www.poetryrivals.com.

If work is selected for publication this additional information is also required when permission to publish is given:

  • Telephone Number (Optional)

Who will you share this information with?

If your work is published then your name will be published alongside your work. Published books are ISBN registered so this information will be in the public domain.

Finalists and winners are published here: www.poetryrivals.com. Finalists’ name, surname and poem title are published. After the slam final the winner’s name, age and town will appear along with their winning entry and the name of the book it was published in. Winners’ will have photos / videos of their winning performance used for publicity purposes and the winner will be aware of this as this is stated in the competition terms & conditions.

None of your personal details (your name, address, email and phone number are ever passed to any third parties.) We do not sell any of our records, including customer information. Your details will also be shared with employees and contractors working for Bonacia Ltd, if relevant for them to do their job.

We are subject to the law like everyone else. We may be required to give information to legal authorities if they so request, or if they have the proper authorisation, such as a search warrant or court order.

From time to time other Bonacia brands may contact you with products or competitions that may be of interest. You can opt out any other Bonacia brands marketing to you.

How is my information kept secure?

  • We do not store any credit/debit card information.
  • Information is kept on a secure database. Please read our IT & System Security Policy for further details
  • Entries and Copyright/Permission forms returned by post are kept in a locked area
  • Only staff who need to process or use the information have access to it
  • Once the book is published, any entrants that we have not received permission to publish forms from are removed from our records
  • Once the book is published any postal entries and copyright/permission forms are securely destroyed on site by Data Shred
  • Entries that are emailed to us are deleted once the competition has closed and the entries have been read, or every quarter – whichever is sooner
  • Entries that are uploaded via our website are deleted once the books have been published for that competition*.

*Please note: Poetry Rivals 18+ is run annually.

How do I request to see what information you hold about me?

At any time you may review or update the personally identifiable information that we hold about you by contacting us in writing at the address below to request a ‘Subject Access Request’. To better safeguard your information, we will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections to any information.

This policy has been compiled so as to comply with current UK, US and EU legislation, so far as we are aware. If you have any questions regarding this policy, or would like to request a ‘Subject Access Request’ please contact us in writing at:

Poetry Rivals
Bonacia Ltd
Remus House
Coltsfoot Drive

If you have any questions regarding any other matter please contact us.

This Privacy Policy was last reviewed on 1st March 2017. This policy will be reviewed on 2nd January 2018, or earlier if our policy or the way we handle your data changes.