Poetry Rivals 2016

Taking poetry from the page to the stage!

Anger Management

recently I have been told
I have been told quite recently
People, human beings have informed me in recent times
That I
That I!
Am apparently quite an angry person
I feel like every time I feel a want to express a feeling of non-mutual context
Or I even slightly begin to digress
To someone about the fact for once I could actually care less
I get told by someone quite fucking literally at the point of writing this godforsaken clitting line
That I am angry
So ladies and gentlemen
Boys and girls, cats and dogs
Motherfuckers and bastards
Like a serial masturbator caught in the act whilst he stands in aisle 4 of Asda with his penis inserted in
a copy of Good Housekeeping
I admit it
I might have a problem
I admit that I like to start many of my replies to people with
‘Are you fucking serious’
I admit that I have personally issued more death threats than I’ve seen a full set of teeth on one of the
guests on Jeremy Kyle
I admit it
I’m an angry prick
And I’m proud of it
Because I know it means that I actually give a shit
And though I haven’t found the urge to rampage round campus with my Nerf gun like a B movie remake
of Columbine
I let it simmer
I let it sit and wheeze
Like Walter White’s finest batch of methamphetamine
I let it brew
Because my burst is not rehearsed
It’s not always influenced by the fact we just conversed
It isn’t built solely on impotent rage
You try going a day without seeing a mass of pain
Then laughing it off – then seeing it again
You try telling yourself all the crap will just fly away
That a certain Mr Farage is just the joke of the day
While in your face wherever you walk
A car drives by, ‘Hey n****r!’ that’s what you thought he said
And now the bastard’s two hundred metres ahead so you can’t even abuse him (the) back of your
mouth is like molten lead
And that’s just one problem that I dare to tread
Because when you see injustice
When you know that lives are lived that aren’t worth living
When you actually take in the pain the world has to offer
Then you should see why I’m angry
And you should ask yourself: why aren’t you too?

Robert Awosusi