Poetry Rivals 2016

Taking poetry from the page to the stage!


I wish to solve you. Make it my life’s mission.
Mixing the colours of your eyes, I consider the options
And reassess my ambition. By elimination or division,
I will turn you inside out
And make six faces of past lovers one.
You were always the one.

I think in squares. Everything must be parallel.
So many qualities, you are multi-dimensional. A love spell.
I have tossed coins into a wishing well to answer the puzzle,
But all that is visible is alternative layers; debatable equations.
You will always have my patience.

Can I split you? Turn you into universes and orbits.
Unpeel the layers to reveal a pyramorphix; diamond fireworks.
I empty my pockets
And lay a ring on the table, releasing a butterfly chorus
That gusts in my stomach, sprinkling like sieved stars.
I wait for you with space invaders in the heart.

Stephen Watt